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If you are pregnant, the Cocoon Life application has been specifically designed to let you in soft connections with your baby:- LISTEN and RECORD heart sounds of your baby safely thanks to our connected dopplers,- SHARE the fun to hear your baby with your loved ones privately or on social networks,- SCHEDULE and SUPERVISE your essential medical appointments, - INFORM YOU on pregnancy and related practical and medical issues,- KEEP NEARBY all your contacts of pregnancy follow-up,- CUSTOMISE YOUR APLICATION and CALCULATE YOUR PREGNANCY DUE DATE.Find on the website our range of minibaby dopplers available on sale and consistent with your Android device, a pregnancy blog run by an obstetrician-gynecologist and a place for exchange with a community of users.
The high sensitivity of the Cocoon Life foetal dopplers lets you capture a high quality recording which you can keep and share. Later on, your unborn child will even be able to hear his or your own heartbeats and be reassured by this intrauterine sound that has cradled him for his first 9 months!
The innovative Cocoon Life project was designed to facilitate the pregnancy monitoring and share with your loved ones anywhere the pleasure and emotion to hear your baby's heartbeat.
The Cocoon Life application and connected dopplers do not replace the medical follow-up of your pregnancy by your gynecologist or your mid-wife.
The Cocoon Life application is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher.